GMA-D with 12 stations Components for soundproof earmuffs


For the production of components for PVC film soundproof earmuffs

  • High frequency welding press pneumatically operated (alternatively hydraulic)
  • High frequency generator built inside the press frame
  • 12 working stations turntable with adjustable rotation speed
  • 1 automatic loader for PVC reels
  • PVC foil thermoforming station
  • 1 automatic loader for pre-cut foam elements
  • Production line for PVC supplementary insert with glycerine
  • Automatic selection and loading station of the stiff PVC insert
  • Finished pieces automatic scrapping and unloading station
  • Liquid circulation refrigerating unit
  • Control panel with PLC and touch screen
Reels maximum diameter:400 mm
Reels maximum width:550 mm
Press maximum closing force:1200 kg
Press lower and upper plate dimension:450x550 mm
Output power of the generator:12 kW
Feeding voltage (other voltages on demand):400 V (+/- 5%) – 3 PHASES + EARTH - 50 Hz