Nautical items


For the production of nautical items

  • High frequency welding press pneumatically operated
  • High frequency generator in separate cabinet
  • 1 automatic side tray
  • 3 manual side trays for the tools storage (optional)
  • Liquid circulation refrigerating unit (optional)
  • Control panel with PLC and touch screen
  • Software program to set from 1 to 10 advancements/welding cycles of the tray in sequence
Press maximum closing force: 1200 kg
Press upper plate dimensions: 720x1230 mm
Dimensions of the automatic tray plate and of manual trays 1300x2750 mm
Output power of the generator output power: 20 kW / 30 kW
Feeding voltage (on demand other voltages): 400 V (+/- 5%) – 3 PHASES + EARTH - 50 Hz