Since 1971 GEAF has designed and built machines and automatic lines for high frequency and thermo-contact welding of plastic materials.

The company property covers an area of 4,700 m² in Calestano (near PARMA ITALY) and it includes manufacturing, assembly, business offices and the facilities for all the company’s activities.


  • 1971: GEAF set up by Mr. Antonio Fabiano.
  • 70’s: The company starts the design of high frequency generators; high frequency welding machines for PVC film items (manual and shuttle trays) and high frequency welding tools. Main sectors are: stationery, tarpaulins, inflatable items and baby care items. GEAF main market is Italy.
  • 80’s: GEAF becomes Italian market leader for high frequency welding. With more than 50 employees, GEAF starts expanding into the European market. For the first time, fully automatic welding systems are designed and built.
  • 1993: Development of the first thermo-contact welding process for polypropylene film items. The company is awarded major contracts from the automotive market: production machines for door panels, carpet welding reinforcements and sun-visors.
  • 1998: GEAF designs fully automatic in-line high frequency welding machines for the medical bag sector (urine bags, plasma bags, enteral and parenteral feeding bags).
  • 2000: Success of the next decade was due to the decision to design and build highly customized plants in all sectors on the national and international market. GEAF is a consolidated reality on the international scene, having increased its exports to around 85% in the medical and automotive sectors.
  • Today: Worldwide there are more than 4,500 welding plants using GEAF machinery, both standard and custom designs for the creation of high-tech products.

GEAF’s qualified staff collaborates with the customer starting from the initial design phase of a new product. Testing for process optimization, prototyping, and supply of manual laboratory equipment are some examples of the steps we may use to determine the final result.

GEAF has developed, manufactured and patented high-tech instruments to improve the quality control of the welding cycle. The internal development of electronic and software design allows GEAF to offer to the market the latest generation systems, that guarantee complete integration with the customer’s ERP, remote assistance, monitoring of process parameters and quality control.


A story in continuous evolution: from a family business in the Italian countryside almost 50 years ago, GEAF has become an industrial reality, with passion and tenacity to meet the needs of our customers.

The operating units of GEAF guarantee the highest quality product, according to a working method that combines attention to the smallest details, with continuous technological innovation of production lines.