Automatic loader CAM or CAM/2 Binders


For the automatic loading of 1 or 2 PVC sheets, from reel,  on the turntable stations

  • 2 reels-holder axles (optional expansion type axles)
  • CAM model: only 1 axle in working position and only 1 unwinding unit for the loading of only 1 film
  • CAM/2 model: 2 axles in working position and 2 unwinding units for the contemporary loading of nr. 2 films on the working plates
  • Pick-up and placing with pliers
  • Control panel with PLC and touch screen

Optional available

  • Sensor to recognize printing spot of pre-printed reels
  • Possibility to install a flexographic printing with UV oven (CAM model)
Reels maximum diameter:500 mm
Reels maximum width:800 mm
Cutting maximum length:700 mm
Feeding voltage (other voltages on demand):400 V (+/- 5%) – 3 PHASES + EARTH - 50 Hz