UNIOST model – perimeter welding with RFUNIOST model – perimeter welding with thermo-contact Ostomy bags


For the production of ileostomy, colostomy and urostomy bags in EVA film and TNT film

  • 3-positions reels-holder with unwinder
  • Ink-jet or hot printing station (optional)
  • Automatic or manual loading unit of one-piece or two-pieces flange (injection flange or flat and convex hydrocolloid)
  • Flange thermo-contact welding press pneumatically operated
  • Hydrocolloid central hole scrapping station (optional)
  • Lateral 3-positions reels-holder with unwinder (optional) for additional films
  • Pre-cut charcoal filter loading unit (or optional from reel with filter scrapping)
  • Charcoal filters thermo-contact welding press pneumatically operated
  • High frequency welding press of the perimeter pneumatically operated or with servo-motor (alternatively thermo-contact welding press)
  • High frequency generator built inside the press frame (for RF)
  • Indexing unit through two side chains operated by electric motor
  • Automatic unloader with conforming and not conforming bags identification
  • Perimeter scrap removal unit
  • Liquid circulation refrigerating unit of the welding press and/or of the thermical presses
  • Electric and control panel with PLC and main touch screen with optional satellites
  • Dedicated software for quality control and export of production data (optional)
  • Vacuum system for scrap collection (optional)
  • One or more labels application unit for ileostomy draining bags closing (optional)
  • Vision systems with camera for processing quality control (optional)
  • Film automatic junction system between old and new reel (optional)
  • Selection station and automatic loading of draining valves (optional – urostomy)
  • Leak-test check station (optional urostomy bags)
  • Other applications on demand
Reel maximum diameter:400 mm
Reel maximum width:345 mm
Press maximum closing force:1200 kg
Press upper plate dimension:350x350 mm
Press lower plate dimension:350x350 mm
Indexing unit forward:350 mm
Output power of the generator:8 kW (for perimeter RF welding)
Feeding voltage (on demand other voltages):400 V (+/- 5%) – 3 PHASES + EARTH - 50 Hz