Notebook covers (PP)


For the production of PP film notebook covers

  • 3-positions reels-holder with unwinder unit
  • Thermocontact welding press operated through “Brushless” motor
  • Indexing unit with mobile clamp operated by “Brushless” motor
  • Automatic scraps removal unit
  • Items stacking unit with two drawers which exchange automatically when the preset number is reached
  • Liquid circulation refrigerating unit
  • Control panel with PLC and touch screen

Optional units:

  • Cutting unit for thumb holes
  • Station for label-holder pocket application with or without pre-cut label insertion
  • Press hydraulically operated
Reel maximum diameter: 450 mm
Reel maximum width: 550 mm
Press upper and lower dimension: 550x450 mm
Indexing unit forward (minimum - maximum): 150 ÷ 350 mm
Press maximum closing force: 750 kg
Feeding voltage (on demand other voltages): 400 V (+/- 5%) – 3 PHASE+ EARTH - 50 Hz