DHF-TI/2PP Textile industry


Tunnel for radio frequency drying of textiles yarns, hanks, tops e tights, after dyeing

  • High frequency generator in separate cabinet
  • Triode water or air cooling with lost energy recovery
  • Modular construction with the possibility of joining several units in series
  • Different kind of belt installed on demand
  • Fully automatic operation for robotic lines
  • Control panel with PLC and touch screen

Optional Units:

  • All stainless steel tunnel construction
  • Product presence sensors
  • Product cooling station
Conveyor belt width:1490 mm
Output power of the generator:30 kW / 40 kW / 50 kW / 60 kW / 80 kW
Conveyor belts on demand:Modular chain - Polyester net, Teflon-coated Kevlar or glass - Perforated polyester/silicone carpet