DHF-FG/2OC Dielectric heating sector


Bimodular radio-frequency tunnel for glue and resin drying,
for dipping on large title yarns and cords

  • High frequency generator in separate cabinet
  • Triode water cooling with lost energy recovery
  • Stray field electrodes plates with coplanar electrodes and balanced circuitation
  • Electrodes plates manual handling
  • Automatic working
  • Control panel with PLC and touch screen

Optional units:

  • Electrodes automatic movement
Warming power directly supplied into the material:860 kcal/hour for kW of R.F.
Thread array maximum width:800 mm
Thread size range (title):from 450 dtex to 2400 dtex multifilament yarn
Output power of the generator:50 kW / 60 kW / 80 kW
Type of treated glue: water base Latex; PVA
Treated fibres:Nylon 66; Kevlar; Glass
Produced item:dipping cordage