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Double module R.F. tunnel for the vinyl glue drying,
on non-stop production lines of alveolate cardboard panels


High frequency generator on separate cabinet
Triode water cooling with lost energy recovery
Stray field electrode plants with coplanar electrodes and balanced circuitation
Product rollers and electrode planes fine automatic movement
Innovative system of panel holding and transport with millimetric electronic regulations
Special carpets for material transport with non-stop alignment automatic system
Control panel with PLC (remote service on request)
Push-button panel with touch screen

Technical characteristics

Maximal panel width:
2000 mm
Thickness range panel:
from 15 to 150 mm
Maximal production speed:
40 m/minute
Output power of the generator:
80 kW
Working frequency:
27.12 MHz 0.6%
Produced item:
drying of water based vinyl glue, contained in alveolate honey comb
cardboard with smooth surface or with polyurethane film covering
Foreseen productivity:
1.2 kg/hour of removed water for each R.F. kW

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