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3-positions reels-holder with unwinder
Thermocontact welding press operated through "Brushless" motor
Indexing unit with mobile clamp operated by "Brushless" motor
Automatic waste removal unit
Items storage unit with two drawers which exchange automatically when the preset number is reached
Liquid circulation refrigerating unit
Control panel with PLC (remote service on request)
Push-button panel with touch screen

Optional units

Printing unit
Optical reader for the manufacture of preprinted films
Cutting unit for thumb holes
Cutting unit
Universal punching unit
Press hydraulically operated

Technical characteristics

Reel maximum diameter:
450 mm
Reel maximum width:
550 mm
Press upper and down plate dimension:
550x450 mm
Indexing unit forward (minimum - maximum):
150 350 mm
Feeding voltage:
400 V - 3Ph+G - 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
Compressed air pressure:
0.6 Mpa
Produced item:
office PP envelopes
Foreseen productivity:
3000 pieces/hour

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