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High frequency welding press hydraulically operated
N. 1 upper moving table for heel-mat welding LHD 2D or 3D
N. 1 upper moving table for foot-rest welding LHD
N. 1 upper moving table for heel-mat welding RHD 2D or 3D (on request)
N. 1 upper moving table for foot-rest welding RHD (on request)
High frequency generator incorporated in the press structure
Turntable with 2 working stations and adjustable rotating speed
Vacuum plant on the stations
Hydraulic power pack
Control panel with PLC (remote service on request)
Push-button panel with touch screen
Belt supporting resins on the stations must be supplied by the customer
Automatic lines plant can be integrated with a thermoformed unit
An electric switchboard, hydraulic control block and a generator can be installed in a loft above the press
Possibility to work under masked time

Optional units

High frequency welding equipment for heel-mat, LHD or RHD 2D or 3D
High-frequency welding equipment for foot-rest LHD or RHD
Air-conditioning system of the welding moulds
Automatic loader for heel-mat and/or foot-rest on the work station

Technical characteristics

Maximum press force for heel-mat welding (adjustable):
5000 kg
Maximum press force for foot-rest welding (adjustable):
750 kg
Turntable working stations dimension:
2200x1850 mm (other measures on request)
Output power of the generator:
20 kW
Working frequency:
27.12 MHz 0.6%
Feeding voltage:
400 V - 3Ph+G - 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
Compressed air pressure:
0.6 Mpa
Produced item:
Welding of reinforcements on thermoformed carpets
Foreseen productivity:
according to welding times and operator skills

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